RhSW Barrier

A very important part in securing bridges and tunnels for traffic control management is the (swinging) barrier. This barrier, which is designed according the European standards, guarantees safety under all circumstances. The reliability of the barrier is crucial. The barrier has to function on very specific moments, especially when used for highways and tunnels at the moment of an incident, the barrier should function after having been idle for a long period of time. People are in immediate danger if the barrier fails.

Therefore the design is robust and reliable and corrosion resistance is important. The number of critical parts is designed such a way that the Rusthoven barrier will function without substantial maintenance for over 20 years.

The barrier boom will break of when a car colides with it, after the collision the boom can be changed in a matter of minutes to guarrantee the safety of the other traffic.

This type of barrier moves in the horizontal plane and excels in locations where there is a problem with enough height for a regular barrier. An typical example is the use in tunnels.

The frame of the barrier consists out of galvanized steel,  this is almost completely covered by a stainless steel housing. The main parts can be accessed by two maintenance doors at the front and the side of the barrier, these can be openend with a standard key. The barriers are symmetrical and can be installed on both sides of the road.

See the specification sheet for further technical details.



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